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Silent Thunder 9/29/2018 8:57:58 PM
TS2 Easy Story Sweep
While Anemptybox was busy becoming the new TSFP champ, another TS Elite member was busy pushing the limits in TimeSplitters 2 Story Easy. TB-303 has been picking off one record after another over the last few months, including several united records. He achieved 5 new records between September 10 and September 18, finishing off with Wild West Easy and becoming the 3rd player in history to hold all 10 Easy records simultaneously. Let's take a look:

Siberia Easy - 2:04
Chicago Easy - 2:22 (Untied)
Notre Dame Easy - 2:29 (Untied)
Planet X Easy - 2:04
NeoTokyo Easy - 4:10 (Untied)
Wild West Easy - 1:07
Atom Smasher Easy - 2:57
Aztec Easy - 1:53 (Untied)
Robot Factory Easy - 3:14
Space Station Easy - 3:36

Great work TB-303! Perhaps we will be seeing some runs on Normal in the future? Let's hope!

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