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Silent Thunder 6/16/2018 5:26:57 PM
Breaking(records) and Entering(the top 3)
We've seen quite a lot of activity in TSFP over the last month or so, most notably from Anemptybox who has posted several 90+ point times and broken a few records on his way to (currently) 2nd place overall!

The world records started with some of the first story mode records we've seen in years on Breaking and Entering:
Breaking and Entering Normal - 4:27.7
Breaking and Entering Hard - 4:34.3

Plus a nice 2nd place on Easy with a 4:27.1.

After that he achieve the second 100 hour+ time on Electro Chimp, demonstrating his great capacity for, uh, patience.
Electo Chimp 100+ Hours

Finally, he achieved a new record on Don't Lose Your Bottle using a new strategy, feature quite a few difficult to pull off shots.
Don't Lose Your Bottle - 37.7

Congrats to Anemptybox!
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