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Silent Thunder 7/24/2018 12:32:05 AM
TS1 Update & Site News
Just a quick update note a recent accomplishment. On July 8, one of the longest standing TS1 records was broken by site newcomer TB-303.

He achieved a 19.1 on 5A First Impressions beating the old record of 19.3 set way back in 2003. We also finally have a sub-20 second video for that stage. Check it out!

TB-303 also managed to tie the existing records on 3A Tin Man Trial and 8C Bone Grab.
Nice work TB-303!

For some brief site news, today I updated several scores on TS1 and removed scores that were just default values from the old site. Stuff like 10:00.0 times on story stages, etc.

Default times are no longer assigned when you sign up for the site (which has been true since we went live since March). This puts new players at a disadvantage initially since several legacy players were getting awarded points for stages where they never actually submitted a score. This really affected TS1 more then the other games due to the lower player count.

I've only updated TS1 at this point, but I will do the same for the other games in the future. It's not as big of a worry for those games since most of the default scores are worth 0 points anyway.

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