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Silent Thunder 10/31/2021 5:04:31 PM
Boxing Clever Bounty Update
A bounty for Boxing Clever has been open since 09/09/2020. I wanted to see a new world record and I wanted the full run recorded. Since that time the world record has been improved, but it unfortunately did not come with a full recording.

That is no longer the case. Long-time member of TSElite/scopinfo/ngc-elites Le_Faucheur has improved the the Boxing Clever record to 2,146,475,228! The full run, lasting nearly an hour, was recorded and available to view on youtube.

Le_Faucheur has limited ability to be able to record and capture runs, so his efforts are much appreciated. The bounty is now claimed and has been paid. Congrats to Le_Faucheur!
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