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Silent Thunder 4/3/2018 4:44:33 PM
Site News and Updates
The launch of the TS Elite has been a success. There were a few bugs along the way, but thankfully nothing major. Development on the site continues on, and one new feature that was added just today is what you're reading right now. We now have the ability to post news and updates to the site.

Now that we can post news, I would like to mention some new rankings and features you may have missed with the new site launch.

First, there are new single segment rankings for the story mode of all three games for all difficulties. TSFP is split into two rankings, each with different timings (InGame vs Real Time). Right now, if you don't see a difficulty show up when viewing the single segment rankings, it's because nobody has submitted a run yet! Submit those runs!

Next, we have a brand new full point rankings for individual Story Mode stages in TimeSplitters 2. Players have been running ILs on TS2 for years now, but until now there's only been manually manged rankings for tracking the WRs in the forums. It's fully supported now. Please see the site FAQ for information on timing IL stages on TS2.

Next, when managing or viewing scores on the site there are many features that were borrowed from our sister site over at One is the player comparison. When views a player's profile or scores, you can click the comparison link over to the left and then select any other player to compare them to. Best scores are highlighted in yellow, ties are in blue. For example, here's me vs Anemptybox on TS1. It's a quick way to see how you compare to your rival!

When viewing any score page, you can use the highlight tabs to highlight any world records, or you can click the hit list to quickly see the best(green) and worst(red) scores on that particular page. This allows you to quickly see which scores you might want to work on to see the biggest ranking gains.

When submitting scores, we now keep a history of all your previous scores for that stage and any linked videos. Those are viewable on the score detail page. We also track the game system and region for each score, along with the date achieved. Unfortunately, scores that were migrated from the old sites did not have this information, so most scores on the site have a default achieved date of June 16, 2011 (the last update of the old site) with unknown system and region. Many of the world record scores have been updated with a more accurate date and system if I was able to find the information.

You can now view and search your PR history, or the PR history of any other player. You can filter by date achieved, system, stage, etc.

Finally, a welcome to new players TB-303 and debrebeuf, who have been submitting a bunch of new times to the site. Have fun competing guys!
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