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Silent Thunder 4/14/2018 1:57:57 PM
World Record Highlight
We've seen a lot of new activity with the launch of the site, including several new world records. Here are some that you may have missed!

First, BothanSpy started things off with a 13.3 on Trouble at the Docks, becoming the 9th player on the site to reach that time.

Next up is Anemptybox, who added his numerous TS2 Story records to the site that he's collected over the last few years. Also definitely worth watching is his 26:38 TS2 Easy Single Segment. Most recently, he improved his Zany Zeppelin score on TSFP with a nice 92 kill run. Also from Anemptybox are a couple of great TSFP world records achieved in late 2017 you may have missed:
Queen of Harts - 1:29.5
Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby - 1:20.6

Next we have a newer player TB-303 who joined the site with several impressive TS2 Story records, including untieds:
Chicago Easy - 2:22
NeoTokyo Easy - 4:10
Space Station Easy - 3:36
Return to Planet X Easy - 2:04

Finally, I grabbed a couple of TS1 records:
9C Space Vandals - 48,852
6B Bodyguard - 95.4%

Great work everyone! Keep the WRs (and videos!) coming.
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