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Silent Thunder 4/14/2021 2:39:39 AM
Homefront: The Revolution TimeSplitters 2 Submissions
There's been a recent discovery of most/all of the stages for TimeSplitters 2 available via unlock codes on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of Homefront: The Revolution.
TS2 Homefront Unlock Codes

This is an extremely cool easter egg and definitely worth checking out if you own Homefront: The Revolution.

Regarding high score/speed run submissions, The TimeSplitters Elite will NOT be accepting any submissions from this version of the game. All TimeSplitters 2 submissions must be from the PlayStation 2, Gamecube, or XBox versions.

While it is an incredible easter egg, it is not an official release of the game. It is also not exactly a perfect port, currently containing a number of game breaking bugs and glitches. There also the additional issue of the PC version allowing for mouse/keyboard controls while all other versions do not.

In the event of an official TimeSplitters/TS2/TSFP remaster ever being released (hopefully!), then brand new rankings would be created on to track records for those games.
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