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Silent Thunder 9/21/2018 12:25:01 AM
Your New TSFP Champion - Anemptybox!
If you've been watching the rankings since they've gone back online last April, then have noticed Anemptybox moving up the rankings, quickly moving into 3rd and then 2nd place. However, a very large point gap separated #1 Phoenix from second place, owing to his absolute dominance of story mode and excellent scores in challenges/arcade.

That dominance is no more and it has been an absolute treat watching Anempty box narrow the point gap with several new world records and many quality 97 and 95 point scores. Let's have a look at the road to 1st place.

First off were two new world records on Something to Crow About, using a new strategy for the sphere section:
Something to Crow About Easy - 7:18.3
Something to Crow About Normal - 7:23.3

Next was a WR sweep on You Take the Highroad:
You Take the Highroad Easy - 4:53.7
You Take the Highroad Normal - 4:56.6
You Take the Highroad Hard - 5:00.4

Next was a new WR for Melon Heist, after several improvements:
Melon Heist - 9350

Next Anemptybox improved all of his Time To Split times, including a new WR on normal:
Time To Split Normal - 3:22.9

After that he achieved a WR sweep on The Khallos Express:
Khallos Express Easy - 3:47.0
Khallos Express Normal - 3:53.4
Khallos Express Hard = 3:55.5

Then he completed another(!) story mode sweep by grabbing the WR on Something to Crow About Hard:
Something to Crow About Hard - 7:27.7

Next were 97 point scores for all three difficulties on The Russian Connection and Front Loaded. After that were improvements on What Lies Below (one of his least favorite stages). Finally, a nice improvement on Oh Shoal-o-Mio took Anemptybox past Phoenix for the top spot on the rankings.

That is an incredibly impressive set of scores that were accomplished this Summer. A huge congrats goes to Anemptybox, the new TSFP Champion!
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