Welcome to The TimeSplitters Elite! Some of the world's best gamers compete here for the fastest times and best scores on TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2, and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. We also have single segment rankings for all three games, as well as individual level rankings for TimeSplitters 2.

All scores are done on the original Playstation 2, GameCube, or Xbox consoles without cheats or any cheating devices.

Inside you will find videos from some of the top players showing the best strategies in the world.

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Silent Thunder 11/15/2021 8:38:43 PM
TS2/TSFP Xbox Series Backwards Compatibility
It was just announced that TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect are backwards compatible on the Xbox Series S/X Consoles. This is great news for fans of the TimeSplitters series!

For submissions to this site, however, please DO NOT submit any scores or runs done on these consoles at this time. A determination needs to be made of any differences in the new versions and whether or not separate rankings are warranted.

Thank you.
Last Edited By: Silent Thunder on 11/15/2021 8:38:43 PM
Silent Thunder 10/31/2021 5:04:31 PM
Boxing Clever Bounty Update
A bounty for Boxing Clever has been open since 09/09/2020. I wanted to see a new world record and I wanted the full run recorded. Since that time the world record has been improved, but it unfortunately did not come with a full recording.

That is no longer the case. Long-time member of TSElite/scopinfo/ngc-elites Le_Faucheur has improved the the Boxing Clever record to 2,146,475,228! The full run, lasting nearly an hour, was recorded and available to view on youtube.

Le_Faucheur has limited ability to be able to record and capture runs, so his efforts are much appreciated. The bounty is now claimed and has been paid. Congrats to Le_Faucheur!
Last Edited By: Silent Thunder on 10/31/2021 5:04:31 PM
Silent Thunder 9/30/2021 12:54:52 AM
TimeSplitters Fall Competition
In under a week members of the TimeSplitters Speedrunning discord will start competing in the TimeSplitters Oktober Speed Fest. It will run from October 4th through November 4th 2021.

Two members of The TimeSplitters Elite will be moderating the competition, CD_ and Benkilla.

There's still time to participate! You will need to join the Timesplitters Speedrunning discord and apply in the Competition #applications channel. Additional rules and details can be found in the #rules channel and feel free to ask any questions about the competition in the #competition-discussion channel.

Good luck to all participants!

Last Edited By: Silent Thunder on 9/30/2021 12:54:52 AM
Silent Thunder 4/14/2021 2:39:39 AM
Homefront: The Revolution TimeSplitters 2 Submissions
There's been a recent discovery of most/all of the stages for TimeSplitters 2 available via unlock codes on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of Homefront: The Revolution.
TS2 Homefront Unlock Codes

This is an extremely cool easter egg and definitely worth checking out if you own Homefront: The Revolution.

Regarding high score/speed run submissions, The TimeSplitters Elite will NOT be accepting any submissions from this version of the game. All TimeSplitters 2 submissions must be from the PlayStation 2, Gamecube, or XBox versions.

While it is an incredible easter egg, it is not an official release of the game. It is also not exactly a perfect port, currently containing a number of game breaking bugs and glitches. There also the additional issue of the PC version allowing for mouse/keyboard controls while all other versions do not.

In the event of an official TimeSplitters/TS2/TSFP remaster ever being released (hopefully!), then brand new rankings would be created on tselite.net to track records for those games.
Last Edited By: Silent Thunder on 4/14/2021 2:39:39 AM
Silent Thunder 10/22/2020 3:05:42 AM
Site Update
A fairly small update was made to the site tonight. Nothing too crazy.

-Updated submission guidelines for TimeSplitters 1 Single Segment

-Added story time totals for TimeSplitters 1, TimeSplitters 2 Story, and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect rankings.

-Updated trademark owner of TimeSplitters to THQ Nordic

-Fixed an issue with displaying scores for Retro Racer where the seconds would have three digits in some cases.
Last Edited By: Silent Thunder on 10/22/2020 3:05:42 AM
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